Beverage Butler Drink Holder

Beverage Butler

Beverage Butler Drink Holder
$17.99 to $54.99
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Available in 20 oz. or larger 34 oz. size. Beverage Butler includes an insulated heavy duty cup with thick straw and mount to any Goldwing handlebar or passenger version require armrest and mount underneath pad. Replacement cups in 34 oz. and 20 oz. sizes are now available.

Passenger style require passenger armrests on the bike to allow butler cup to mount. If you do not have armrests we also sell the Butler Passenger Kit for use without Armrests.

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Tomball, TX
Never Thirsty

I bought one of these in 2008 for my 1st GL1800, moved it to my 2nd GL1800 last year. Wouldn't ride without it. Just take a sip whenever you want. No wear, no problems, keeps stuff cold.

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Callao, VA
Cool Drink

Would not be without this! I take long rides & this keeps me from having to stop, purchase a drink, chug it & be thirsty 20 miles down the road. This is one of the best drink holders to have

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Las Vegas, NV
Love This Butler

It keeps my drink cold for hours even in this Vegas heat. I haven't tried a hot beverage in it yet, but I love the fact that it keeps my drink cold. Easy to install as well.

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Danville, CA
Wet your whistle

Easy install. I am a long distance rider so this is a must. I added a Camel pack tube with mouth piece then covered it in a neoprene sleeve for temperature protection.

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This is the Nuts Great Product Also Air Bag modification

I use the butler for two purposes. To be able to have a beverage available. In the morning I put in hot coffee. 3oz of French Vanilla and fill up with Coffee. Around noon or so, I fill it with ice and buy a couple of energy drinks. The ice costs nothing with the purchase. I fill the Butler and sip during my rides. Another important use of the cup is to make sure I get off the bike every 100 miles or so. If you are over 50 you know what I mean 10-100. I think it important to make sure you stretch your legs and being forced to stop at a rest stop for relief accomplishes that.

I just upgraded to a 2014 Air Bag model. I checked with Butler and while they did indeed note that it will fit, they also reminded me that Honda also does not recommend any attachments to the handle bars due to the deployment of the air bag. Made sense not to put anything over the top of the air bag---Right?? However I still wanted to use it. I went to Alro Steel and bought some 3/8 plastic like Butler uses. I remade the bracket that mounts to the handlebar higher and a bit wider like 3x5". Then I mounted the cup holder on the back of the new mount vs the front like Baker does it. The result is that the cup and holding bracket is well in front of the handlebar and does not interfere with the windshield when turned to the right. I also made sure the new handlebar mount was wide enough (3") to stop a careless turn of the cup hinge to be over the air bag. the result is that I can use this on a Air Bag model and no part of the mount or cup (except in a tight left turn) is over the bag at any time. I feel pretty comfortable that it is safe.

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