Beverage Butler Drink Holder

Beverage Butler

Beverage Butler Drink Holder
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Available in 20 oz. or larger 34 oz. size. Beverage Butler includes an insulated heavy duty cup with thick straw and mount to any Goldwing handlebar or passenger version require armrest and mount underneath pad. Replacement cups in 34 oz. and 20 oz. sizes are now available.

Passenger style require passenger armrests on the bike to allow butler cup to mount. If you do not have armrests we also sell the Butler Passenger Kit for use without Armrests.

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vero beach, FL
beverage butler

great product replaced one handel broke!! (dishwasher)may not be safe????

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Road Map
Columbia, SC
Would not be without it

Bought my 20oz size 2 years ago and won't leave home without it.It does not matter what the temperature is if you keep fluids in you.It is also a lot cheaper to fill up your mug at the service stations.I have probably saved enough on drinks to pay for the mug. Roadmap

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I owned this for 5 years

I would recommend this cup holder. I ride a 06 wing and purchased this in 2007. In the morning I use it for coffee and sip it through the straw- Wonderful. Keeps coffee warm for a reasonable period of time like an hour or so. Once the day warms up, I switch to a cool drink. I like to go into gas stations, fill the cup with ice and buy a couple of gatoraids or the like. I fill up the cup and put the balance in my trunk for later. You learn to put the straw down into the ice carefully but not a big deal. Now this keeps things cool, especially with the ice in there. Is it too large? I have never had an issue with the cup mounted on the left handlebar. I have an onboard gps so it does not conflict with that and I have yet to find a good tank bag so I ride without one. you need to consider the swing of the handle bar or the space this takes if you have a tank bag or handlebar mounted gps but usually the gps is on the right.

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Weeki Wacheed, FL
Very Large

Just got in the 34oz cup and holder. I know that they said it was large but I didn't think it was that large. No I am not complaining by any means. It was easy to install and even with its size it doesn't block any of the controls. It sits in just the right position to be able to just lean over and take a sip without a lot of fumbleing around. When my Harley riding friends first saw it they laugh at me. After our first gas stop they were all asking where did I get it from. I think that I just might sell them the link.

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Cambria Heights, NY
Beverage Butler Drink Holder

Love the Cup & Holder. Looks nice on my Black Goldwing. Only negative is that there needs to be a locking mechanism of some sort. Second time my wife's cup blew away at highway speeds.

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