Aluminum Fuel Nozzle Boot Holder

Gas Buddy

Aluminum Fuel Nozzle Boot Holder
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Gas Buddy is designed to be a motorcyclist's best friend at the gas pump. If you live in California or where gas pumps require having to hold back that annoying rubber nozzle boot, then Gas Buddy is exactly what you need.. Made of billet aluminum, Gas Buddy is small in size to carry on your keychain or in your bike. Getting gas is easy again, just slide nozzle boot up and clip Gas Buddy between rubber boot and nozzle flange, it's that simple. Made in USA

No more spilling gas all over the place trying to hold back that boot and not being able to see.  Now you no longer have to hold the nozzle boot back to be able to completely fill your bike's gas tank.

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Long Stretch between fueling stations

For Richard... Sunnyvale, CA. I understand what your post is saying, however I believe you are misunderstanding the purpose of the item. By not using the Boot Holder... you will fill up your tank like a car as the pump keeps clicking over and over. You will not be able to TOP off the tank as some trips may require. You can squeeze about another 1/2 gallon (without the clicking and see what you are doing) or so as that can provide you with an additional 20+ miles of travel distance. Some of those stretches especially between Texas and California can be mighty gas station lonely!!

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This is a handy item

I HATE having to sit there and fiddle with the vapor recovery system 'boot' when filling the tank.

Tried this the second time after it landed on my doorstep. Loved it! Especially when trying to get that last 0.5 gallon or so when the nozzle of the fuel hose would be under the level of the fuel in the tank -- and you have to hold the nozzle up. Don't have to hold the recovery system boot with one hand and the nozzle with the other.

Just a tad pricier than is appropriate for the simple machining and materials, but -- hey -- we're used to that as motorcycle riders -- and we're saving time at the fuel pump (a benefit to those of us who do Iron Butt rides)

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Norwalk, CA
A Must at the Pump

Don't leave home with out this one. It works Wish I had thought of it. I hated to hold back the rubber on the gas nozzel. This is much easier. Now you can see if the gas is getting full so it won't overflow. Excelent product.

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Sunnyvale, CA

This product works as described. However, on a GL 1800 you don't need this. The design of the filler tube is just like the autos and the pump clicks off when it is full. This is nice for filling cans and other tanks that are not pump friendly.

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Sherman Oaks, CA

This thing works great! It keeps you from having to hold the sleeve back to get the gas to flow. I live in California where there is vapor recovery on most of the gas nozzles. Well worth the money!!!

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