Famous Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 Gold Wing


Famous Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 Gold Wing
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This Made in USA Utopia Backrest is the Original High Quality In Seat Style Backrest designed for and fits any year GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle, including the heated seat version and the 2012 - 2014 GL1800. This is the new version of the backrest and is made with non-dimpled material.

Utopia is the Driver backrest that becomes a part of your seat. No bars in the way of drivers hips and legs or passengers legs. Folds forward to ease passenger getting On or Off and adds to safety by getting out of the way in sudden stops. Includes up and down height adjustment, as well as driver seating position, back and forth, to help driver sit upright to avoid slouching--a big factor in driver fatigue.

Backrest pivots at top of bar as you lean against it so no uncomfortable edges dig into your back. Well padded, but only 1-1/2 thick which takes up less seating room than most other backrests. All Top Bars are finished in a Beautiful Black Powder Coat. Comes with handy pouch with strap to convert to shoulder bag. Fits all GL1800 Gold Wings.

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hendersonville, TN
check your waranty

I purchased this backrest for my new 2013 goldwing to be installed by the dealer ,when the warranty and service manager told me that if I have this backrest installed on my heated seats that it would void my warranty on the heated seat and heated hand grips because they are iterconected. If for any reason in the future that you have any trouble with your seat or hand grips during the warranty period Honda will not honor the warranty because the seat has been cut to install the backrest. I had to return the backrest and purchase a diferant backrest in order to maintain my warranty on the seat and hand grips. However if your warranty is already expired then this is a very good high quality backrest. Good luck!

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Utopia Back Rest

How is this for stupidity: installed the backrest backward. The backrest folds backword not foreward. It still deserves a 5 star.

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Glens Falls, NY
Should be factory equipment

How many Gold Wings have you seen that don't have a back rest installed?
This is another one of those products that should just come on the bike in the first place. The Utopia is a very solid product. It makes riding very comfortable. I highly recommend it. The install looks fairly straight forward, I watched a couple of You Tube videos when I was contemplating installing one on my 2003 Wing. However I chickened out and bought a 2012 Wing and had the dealer install it. There was no charge for the install, so why not?

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Seattle, WA
Utopia Backrest

I didn't really think I would need and that it was only for old guys. But if you have highway pegs, the backrest allows you to stretch out on those long runs. The design also compliments the existing OEM seat. Easy install. Just remember: Measure twice. Cut once.

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Gilbert, AZ

Had a backrest on my 1500 that had bars to support it... not very safe if in a wreck with a passenger. I got the bike in OK and rode back to AZ without the back rest, so it was the second thing I got for the bike. Cutting the seat was simple and not a big deal and my seat did not cost $25K. Granted... I took a deep breather before I made the first cut. I even have the heated seat. Other than the X-tall Tulsa windshield, it has been the best money I have expended on the bike.

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