Deer Alert Hornet Electronic Deer Avoidence Kit


Deer Alert Hornet Electronic Deer Avoidence Kit
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Deer are the leading animal causing human deaths in this country. Regular whistles proved marginal in defense in preventing dangerous collisions with deer and relied on vehicle speed for consistent operation. Hornet system is far more effective due to electronic operation regardless of speed. Available in Chrome or Black on drop down.

Note - Optional Motorcycle Wire Harness available seperately and shown as Related Product at bottom of page. Produces sound pressure of 120 db, and under most circumstances is very resistant to contamination. (Regular inspection and cleaning is recommended however.) As with any accessory, its performance is only as good as its installation. Proper placement is essential for maximum performance.

Detailed instructions make for an easy and effective installation. There is no substitute for driver awareness, but the Hornet is the best defense against a deer collision available to date. The Hornet includes various universal mounting brackets, basic hardware and a switch. A separate motorcycle wiring kit is available and includes a harness and switch specifically designed for use on a motorcycle; while not required, it will make the installation much neater.

Kuryakyn P-Clamps work great on many motorcycles to assist in mounting the Hornet to frames or engine guards. Universal fit on 12-volt motorcycles.

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Aurora, CO

Install is easy once you figure out where to put it. Take off the bracket and put it on your lower cowl in the vent under the driving lights. It fits well and is at the right angle. I do a lot of night driving in deer country. On several occasions I have driven up on deer at the side of the road. With the deer alert they are always looking my direction and walk away as I approach. I noticed a big difference with it on. I only hear it at lows speeds or stopped. So will other riders and they will remind you that it’s on. 35+ miles per hour, it’s not really heard by other riders.

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I finally put mine on went well and it worked great for a month now it will not work not real happy.

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Broken Fibula

I was given information about this deer whistle after relating an accident I had on the Pacific Coast Highway. I'm not sure which is proper, do you hit a deer or does a deer hit you? Anyway, I had the auto store plastic deer whistles (2) on my Victory Vision while doing a 6,000 mile road trip. About 3,500 miles into the trip, just after going through Big Sur, a deer hit me. I wound up with a damaged bike and a broken Fibula. So the store bought plastic deer whistles DON'T WORK. This deer whistle from what I understand does get their attention!!! I'll buy one, just because I have had the unpleasant experience of a deer hitting me and living through it. If you like to travel back roads which are frequented by wild animals I would definitely recommend anything which can deter them. The life you save may be your own.

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Franklinton, NC

I've had this alert on my 1800 now for about a year and a half, and while the high-pitched sound it produces is able to be heard when stopped, it is not audible at speed. Also, I do wear a 3/4 helmet at all times. I do have a switch mounted on my right brake reservoir but often forget to turn off the unit when going through small towns because I can’t hear it with the helmet on with the engine running on my GL1800. I did mount the device in the lower vent under the running light using a very small amount of hot glue. Using hot glue, you can get a perfect 45 degree angle and using that lower vent, the device is closer to the road surface as is required. Does it work? Yes. I have yet to hit a deer and have seen deer react positively (i.e. run in a different direction than my bike) when using this unit. For pics of my installation, go to this Google Picassa link:

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Panama City, FL

I,ve had this on my 2006 wing for a couple of years now and it definantly emitts a loud piercing noise i,m often asked does that thing really work and my reply is i,m going to have to say yes because i haven,t hit a deer yet. I only had one experience with a deer and when he saw me he looked and then ran off into the brush so i was pretty pleased with that i,ll put up with the noise for right now.Four star because of the noise

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  • Universal Fit on 12-volt Motorcycles